Miner Cottage Antics

A business owned by Jeremiah Senner

In 2016, I acquired the business name "Miner Cottage Antics" to use for my various endeavors. The name originates from my residence in an 1883 miner's cottage in Walkerville, Montana. I gain most of my income from delivery driving as a contractor for Amazon, but I also will occasionally take side jobs like antique furniture repair and violin repair. In the future, after I've finished construction on the house, I may use it as a history museum of life in the 1870's and 1880's.

The cottage October 2017

My business is open by appointment only, and is located at;

109 Academy St, Walkerville, MT 59701

My phone number is (406) 498-9632

My email address is jjsenner@yahoo.com

I operate a blog at http://thepioneerguy.com where you can find occasional updates on the miner cottage rebuild project. I also have a Youtube channel; https://youtube.com/user/JeremiahSenner