Miner Cottage Antics

A small, hobby sized business with a variety of services.

I'm Jeremiah Senner, the sole proprietor of Miner Cottage Antics. The name comes from being located in an 1883 miner's cottage and from the fact that I like to do many different things using this business name. Hence, "Antics". This business is located on a very small residential property in Walkerville Montana, and is open only by appointment.

Some things I offer are;

The cottage October 2017

Progress on the miner's cottage. It's a replica with some extra features like a full basement and a half story where the attic used to be. The 2x4 framing is original. It is constructed using Sierra Pacific Windows,  James Hardie siding and trim, and GAF Glenwood roofing.

109 Academy St, Walkerville, MT 59701

My phone number is (406) 498-9632

My email address is jjsenner@yahoo.com

I operate a blog at http://thepioneerguy.com where you can find occasional updates on the miner cottage rebuild project. I also have a Youtube channel; https://youtube.com/user/JeremiahSenner